MICR-O by Superimpose

This beautifully simple, integrated in the nature and at the same time strongly visible project by Superimpose took my attention today. It was build together with local people, architects were providing workshops, physical models and sketches on the site were used to communicate the design and way to construct it. Have a look on Divisare.



I came to know Vo Trong Nghia Architects through a small residential project House for Trees. I got immediately fascinated. Not just because they devote a lot of space to trees to help nature get back to the city, but also for the free way of composing the living space within the open air. You move from room to room through exterior so you stay in touch with the outside world much more than in most of our nowadays houses or flats.

Today I discovered another projects from VTN architects and I keep on getting more and more fascinated about their social, cultural and pro nature approach.

some of them..

Bamboobooth   •   Diamond Island Community Hall   •   Binh Duong school



Shed / Light

nice compact house project by Goodweather integrating vegetation and use of reclaimed materials collected on the farm property